Church of St. Anthony

170 Meeker Avenue,  Watkins, MN 55389

 Phone: 320-764-2755



"Go therefore and make disciples

of all the nations..."

Matthew 28:19

Church of St. Anthony Faith Formation Classes 

Grades 1-11, 2020-2021


There are 2 options for enrollment: a Traditional Wednesday Night Program and a Distant Learning Option.  


-Traditional Wednesday Night Program: The traditional Wednesday night program will run throughout the school year. Due to social distancing requirements and safety concerns, we will alternate which grades will be in attendance on Wednesday nights. Grades 1-5 will alternate in-class instruction with grades 6-10. When the students are not present for class, they will be assigned something to complete at home during their ‘off’ weeks from in-class instruction. Wednesday night classes will run from 6:30 pm–7:45 pm. Please reference the included class schedule.  

We will take lead from the EVW School district whether in person class will continue:  
-EVW District Model 1, In Person Learning Plan: St. Anthony Faith Formation will have in person class as scheduled.   
-EVW District Model 2, Hybrid Learning Plan: St. Anthony Faith Formation will have in person class as scheduled. 
-EVW District Model 3, Distance Learning Plan: St. Anthony Faith Formation will have two weeks off and then the distance learning materials will be emailed/mailed out.  

Grade 11, who is in their second year of Confirmation preparation, will meet on the following Wednesdays, 6:30pm-7:45pm rotating between parishes: 

-St. Anthony in the Parish Hall: September 30th, October 14th, November 11th, and December 16th 

-Assumption in the Parish Hall: January 20th, February 24th, March 10th, and April 7th   


-Distant Learning Option: In consideration that your family is not comfortable at this time sending your child to class, we will be offering a Distant Learning Option. Based on the number of enrollments for the Distant Learning Option, we will then move forward with the decision on using the online platform we have offered in the past or use our in-class books/materials with scheduled Zoom meetings. It is highly encouraged for sacramental years (2nd grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade) to be in person, but we are understanding at this time if that is not an ideal situation for your family.