Church of St. Anthony

201 Central  Ave South,  Watkins, MN 55389

 Phone: 320-764-2755



"Go therefore and make disciples

of all the nations..."

Matthew 28:19

About Us

The Church of St. Anthony has a long, proud tradition in Watkins. In 1889, the church community was established, and a small wooden church was built. As the community grew, so did the need for a new, larger church. In 1912, a magnificent brick church was built. This church stands today in all its beautiful glory.


In addition to the church, the Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph began teaching in 1906 and focused on the faith formation of our youth, young adults, and adults until the school closed in 1995. The current school building was built in 1928.Over its 125 year history, the Church of St. Anthony has been served by seventeen Pastors including our current, Father Aaron Nett. St. Anthony's parish has produced ten ordained priests, twelve sisters, and one brother. This is a testament to the strong faithful families of the Watkins community. The Church of St. Anthony has been the beacon in Watkins for 125 years, and remains to this day, the main focal point of the community.