Church of St. Anthony

170 Meeker Avenue,  Watkins, MN 55389

 Phone: 320-764-2755


"For all of you who were baptized

into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ."

Galatians 3:27 


Preparing for Baptism

We want to welcome parents - whether birth parents, or adoptive parents, whether couples or a single parent, whether their child is an infant or is already exploring their new world, whether as parents their faith is strong or they are just beginning to make it their own, whether they as a family share the same religious background or they come from very different religious traditions.

The Church of St. Anthony provides catechesis on the sacrament of baptism especially for parents so that they might enter more deeply into the experience of baptism and, thereby, participate more fully and consciously in the baptism of their child or children. Related to the above, parents receive additional catechesis in the role of parents in the formation of children and the vision of the family as the domestic Church.


Purpose of the program

  • To provide an opportunity for parents who have requested baptism for their child to take time out to reflect on their own journey of faith and their responsibility in sharing their faith with their children.
  • To affirm and assist the parents in their role as "primary educators" of their children. (National Catechetical Directory, #212)
  • To offer both prayer and the support of the parish community to the parents as they approach the same community seeking baptism for their children.
  • The threshold of all sacraments is baptism. In this sacrament, people are washed from everything that stands between them and perfect union with God; symbolically they die with Christ in order to rise with him, and they are born into the community of the Church.


The Role of the Community

Baptismal catechesis involves the community of the faithful, who share their faith with those being catechized. Adult catechumens and the parents of children to be baptized alike need the community's prayers, witness and support. Preparation for the baptism of infants is a 'teachable moment,' when the parish community can encourage parents to re-examine the meaning which faith has in their lives. In offering catechesis to parents and godparents, the Church shows its love for and eagerness to support them as well as their children. — National Catechetical Directory #117



Baptism classes are held as needed. Contact the parish office for more information.


The sacrament of baptism of infants is celebrated after weekend liturgies.

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Sponsor Tips
Gift idea: Give a personalized baptismal candle at their baptism (notify the parish office if you do).