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"But ye shall receive power, after

that the Holy Ghost is come upon you..."

Acts 1:8



While the meaning of Confirmation has not always been clear over the centuries, there has developed in the Church an understanding that Confirmation is the sacrament that completes a person’s communion and companionship with the Church. At Baptism we are born into the Body of Christ, at Confirmation our unity is made complete, and the Eucharist nourishes our relationship with the Church and God. The central mark of Confirmation is the reception of the gifts of the Spirit, enabling the person of faith to live more fully the life of the Church and to witness to the grace of God to others.



Recognizing the significance and importance of Confirmation, the community of the Church of St. Anthony takes serious the preparation for this sacrament. While high school youth and adults are welcome to participate in the program, all are encouraged to spend time discerning and reflecting their personal faith life to ensure that one is ready to receive the sacrament.



Often times, and for various reasons, some women and men were not confirmed either as a youth. Those that were not confirmed earlier in life often find themselves seeking greater unity with the Church later in life. The community of the Church of St. Anthony values those that yearn to share more fully in the life of the community. For that reason, the Church of St. Anthony offers a one year program for adults. Over the course of the year, adult candidates will be challenged to engage in active participation in the life of community through the celebration of Sunday Eucharist and service and ministry experiences.



The more customary experience of Catholics with the sacrament of Confirmation is during their years as a youth. At the Church of St. Anthony, candidates who are youth participate in a two year program, beginning in their tenth grade year. The reason for the extended preparation is to provide the opportunity for youth to seriously reflect upon their faith, their intentions for receiving the sacrament, and their future commitment to the life of the Church. This extended time also affords the community a chance to seriously discern with the candidate his or her readiness for reception of the Sacrament. 
Youth who enter into the two year program will be expected to actively participate in the life of the community through celebration of Sunday Eucharist and various ministry opportunities in the community. At the end of the preparation, candidates will write a letter to the Bishop expressing their desire and readiness for receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. If the candidate completes the process successfully and genuinely expresses a desire to be confirmed, the candidate will be confirmed in the late spring at the Church of St. Anthony.

The normal time to receive Confirmation is on Pentecost Sunday during Adult Confirmation at the Cathedral.

Doctrinal and spiritual formation should be completed as needed. Journey of Faith Booklets may be helpful in learning the Catholic teachings. There are teacher's guides available for the sponsor.

Discernment for Readiness of Confirmation:
1) Candidate must be baptized and receiving Holy Communion.
2) At least one year of attending Mass weekly, learning the Word of God, and joining their brothers and sisters in prayer.
3) Seeks forgiveness of their sins and the healing of their weaknesses and receiving the sacrament of reconciliation regularly (monthly is suggested).
4) Faithfully listening to the apostles' instruction proclaimed by the Church
5) Advanced in a life of love and service of others
6) A deepening adherence to the Church, where they will find the fullness of their baptism
7) Mature in faith and understanding for a fuller life in the community
8) Appreciates the Church's tradition and universal character
9) A written testimony from the candidate
10) A written testimony from the sponsor

Sponsor Tips
Before confirmation, if the candidate doesn't yet have a Catholic Bible or Catholic Catechism, this would be a great gift during preparation.

If there is practice, only the sponsor should attend.

Sponsor's Guide for RCIA- might be helpful

Letter of Good Standing to be completed by sponsor


The Eucharist is rooted in the Last Supper and Jesus' command to do this in His memory. Because the Last Supper was the last time Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples, the Eucharist has strong Jewish roots.


Preparing for First Eucharist

The celebration of the Eucharist is at the heart of the life of the Church. The Christian community gathers to celebrate the mystery of God’s love as it is revealed in the sacred Scriptures and in the sacrificial meal. Those who gather are fed by the Word and by the Body and Blood of Christ.



Preparation for First Eucharist is accomplished through a combination of home activities and parent-child sessions. Children in 2nd grade and age 7 and older are invited to prepare for First Eucharist.  Children must be active participants in the religious education program for more information.


Children celebrate the sacrament in its fullness and receive Communion for the first time at a special celebration of the Eucharist during the season of Easter.