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"Go therefore and make disciples

of all the nations..."

Matthew 28:19

Preparation for Reception of Baptized Christians into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church

This rite is so arranged that no greater burden than necessary is required for the establishment of communion and unity. The Reception into Full Communion should ordinarily take place at the Sunday Eucharist (NS32). It is preferable not to take place at the Easter Vigil (NS 33).

The prerequisites for Reception into Full Communion are:
1. Deepening adherence to the Church, where they will find the fullness of their baptism (RCIA 477). Has submitted a certificate of Baptism.
2. A confession of sins at a time distinct from the rite of reception, first informing the confessor that he or she is going to be received into full communion (RCIA 482)
3. Attends Mass at least every Sunday, learns the Word of God, and joins their brothers and sisters in prayer (RCIA 413)
4. Faithfully listens to the apostles' instruction proclaimed by the Church
5. Is advanced in a life of love and service of others
6.. A written testimony from the sponsor

Baptized and formed in a different denomination

Those baptized persons who have lived as Christians (at least attended services weekly) and need only instruction in the Catholic tradition and a degree of probation within the Catholic community should not be asked to undergo a full program parallel to the catechumenate (NS 31).

The candidates should have a Catholic Bible to use. 

The candidates should have a Catholic Catechism to use. Journey of Faith Booklets may be helpful in learning the Catholic teachings. There are teacher's guides available for the sponsor. Ask the parish office for the booklets.

Sponsor Tips
If the candidate doesn't yet have a Catholic Bible or Catholic Catechism, this would be a great gift to give at this time. 
Collect candidate's reflections, favorite scripture quotes, testimonies, and questions to create a scrapbook gift for later.

If there is practice for anything, only the sponsor should attend.

Letter of Good Standing- to be completed by sponsor

Parental Consent Form- necessary if candidate is a minor