Church of St. Anthony

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"Go therefore and make disciples

of all the nations..."

Matthew 28:19

Step 1: Evangelization and Precatechumenate

This is a time of no fixed duration or structure, for inquiry and introduction to Gospel values, an opportunity for the beginnings of faith. This step usually takes at least 4 months but may last as long as the inquirer desires.

The Period of Evangelization and Precatechumenate ends with the Rite of Acceptance. The Rite of Acceptance may be done in February, July, or October. Contact the parish office to choose a Sunday.

Discernment for readiness of the Rite of Acceptance (RCIA 42):
1. Regularly attending Sunday liturgy
2. Beginnings of a spiritual life
3. Fundamentals of Christian teaching, especially the Sign of the Cross
4. First faith: more than right intention, it's an expression of faith
5. Initial conversion
6. Intent to change their lives, join a community, and make a commitment
8. Begin calling upon God in prayer
9. Sense of the Church, maturing of desire for baptism
10. Experience of members of the Christian community- through conversations and community gatherings
11. Rite of Acceptance instruction- contact the parish office
12. Written request from inquirer

Period of Evangelization and Precatechumenate

This is a time to discover more about the Catholic faith and the Church.

Ask the parish office for a Journey of Faith Inquirer Booklet. There is a teacher's guide available for the sponsor.

Inquirers should have a Catholic Bible to use.

Sponsor Tips
If the inquirer doesn't yet have a Catholic Bible, this would be a great gift to give at this time. 
Collect inquirer's reflections, favorite scripture quotes, testimonies, and questions to create a scrapbook gift for later.

Letter of Good Standing- to be completed by sponsor

Parental Consent Form- necessary if inquirer is a minor